Almost 30 years in business.

Simple Group is one of Russia’s leading importers of high-quality wine and spirits, a nation-wide distributor and retailer.

The nature of our products is unique. Fine wine is always about connection and discovery. It comes together with delicious food, exciting travels, getting to know different peoples’ history and culture.

To make sure we can enrich and enhance these experiences, we only do business with suppliers committed to the uncompromisingly high product quality. Highly rated, respected by experts all over the world, they make wines that keep consumers captivated and delighted.

Today, Simple Group has a vast distribution network across Russia, working smoothly with key players in the Russian HoReCa and retail sectors. Over the years, we have also established partnerships with suppliers from every corner of the world.

Simple stands out in the market by its diversified approach to customers. As a consumer, you can drop by one of the many SimpleWine boutique stores with thousands of wine bottles in stock, or explore our online storefront and make a purchase using a browser or our mobile app. As a corporate customer, there’s a choice of compelling offers for you that reflect current market trends and address your business-specific needs. Even more opportunities are available through our new service — the SimpleWine Privé exclusive wine club.

Simple’s collection reflects the modern wine world in all its variety. We carry the most sought-after brands across all categories, types, regions and styles, both classic and trendy.

The Simple Media division promotes wine culture and cultivates the market. It builds and maintains awareness of Simple Group as an industry leader among consumers, partners and professional market players.

Enotria Wine School is the only wine school in Russia offering a curriculum that ASI, Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, has recognized as meeting international standards.

Our Grand Cru wine minded restaurant is featured in the MICHELIN Guide Moscow 2022 with 1 MICHELIN Star. Its renowned Head Chef David Hemmerlé makes sure that the gastronomic experience it offers is impeccable. Guests can choose from more than 1000 wines which are served in Spiegelau and Zalto wineglasses.

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