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To find a wine that a person will love with all their soul is a challenge, and we accept it every day.
Vladimir Filiptsev
Deputy CEO
Sandro Khatiashvili
Member of the Board of Directors

Organizer and moderator of numerous professional wine tastings.

Holder of honorary titles:
Honorary commander of Commanderie du Bontemps Médoc et Graves, Sauternes et Barsac
Oleg Kirillin
Commercial Director, B2B
Andrey Chechin
Commercial Director, B2C
Julia Vershinskaya
Marketing Director
Ekaterina Yarina
Finance Director
Ekaterina Prokhorova
HR Director
Maxim Kashirin
Founder and President, Simple Group
For 25 years the company has retained its initial mission and values. It’s the right entrepreneurial vibe. We had no doubts about our success. It was only a question of how fast it would happen, and how well it would work. We are honest Soviet Pioneers and Komsomol members. We always had the following verbs in our minds: “I will build," "I will create," "I will make," "I will achieve."

Co-founder of the wine school “Enotria”, the initiator of the popular wine publication Simple Wine News and the festival “Simple Open”, and publication of professional and popular books about wine, as well as the founder of different charity and educational campaigns.

Holder of honorary titles:
Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic
Knight of the Order of Merit of the French Republic in the field of agriculture
Knight of the Order of Chevalier du Bons Temps (Bordeaux)
Ambassador of the white truffle of Alba
Ambassador of the white truffle of Alba
Commander of the Order of Chevaliers du Tastevin (Burgundy)
Officer of the Legion of Honor of the Order of the Hills of Champagne (Officier d'honneur d'ordre des Coteaux de Champagne)
Knight Of The Order Of The Cup Keepers (Scotland)
Anatoly Korneev
Founder and vice-president, Simple Group

Publisher, author and editor of multiple books, articles and columns in magazines like Forbes, GQ, Aeroflot, The Cost, etc.

He has received the international government award — Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

Holder of honorary titles:
Knight of the Order of Chevalier du Bons Temps (Bordeaux)
Knight of the Order of Recioto and Amarone (Verona)
Officer of the Legion of Honor of the Order of the Hills of Champagne (Officier d’honneur d’ordre des Coteaux de Champagne)
Winner of the award for services to the international sommelier movement “Open Heart Sommelier” (Delphi)
Winner of the award of the largest wine industry exhibition, Vinitaly, “Amici di Vinitaly”
Winner of the award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Siena, Enoteca Italiana — “Golden Dionysius” (along with L. Pavarotti and other world-famous figures)
Winner of the Paul Harris Fellowship award for service to humanism
Member of Moscow Rotary International club
Public Ambassador of the Piedmont region, honorary member of the Association Amici del Piemonte
Petr Asratyan
IT Director
Elena Vaschuk
Legal Affairs and Government Relations Director
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