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Our Philosophy

Our goal is to improve the quality of life in Russia through the revival of wine culture.

We work with a unique product. Wine is always celebration and emotions. It is associated with the joy of conversation and the excitement of new discoveries. It is tied to excellent cuisine and travel, to the history and culture of various nations.

At the same time work with wine requires preparation and experience. Openness, competence, professionalism — these are the values of the company Simple which help us to maintain the status of the leader and trendsetter of the Russian wine market.

Maxim Kashirin

Maxim Kashirin, CEO, Simple Group:

The company Simple was founded in 1994, at the time that the contemporary wine market in Russia was just beginning to be formed. To organize a successful business in this sphere, we had to become innovators and boldly apply experience from other field and from other countries. We were young romantics, and with great enthusiasm aimed to create a world-class wine trade company in Russia. One of the main principles for us was the choice of suppliers who created products of uncompromising quality, producers with high ratings who were respected by experts from around the world, and whose wines could attract any consumer.

We create a complex context for our main product, which helps the consumer to open the world of wine for themselves, and us to develop the company and broaden the boundaries of wine culture in Russia. Additional knowledge of wine makes its purchase and consumption especially interesting. Thus when we present our product, above all we want to share with you everything which we ourselves have learned about it over the course of the existence of our company. We strive to make wine accessible to everyone. In all niches where it is possible, we offer wine and beverages for diverse occasions and at various price ranges.

Anatoly Korneev

Anatoly Korneev, Vice-President, Simple:

In the first years of the work of Simple we emphasized wines from Italy, which were almost unknown in Russia at that time. We began with wines of the premium segment. It was not easy for a young Russian company to win the trust of the creators of cult wines, representatives of aristocratic wine dynasties, owners of great vineyards. But we still work with many of our first suppliers to this day. In our second decade, when the Simple brand had already become a guarantee of quality and excellent service for wine lovers, we began to broaden the geography of our suppliers. Today in our portfolio are wines from all of the most popular categories and appellations, from almost every winemaking region of the world. At the same time we are always striving to present something new to our clients, and ourselves create new wine trends.

We have supplemented our wine collection with an impressive assortment of spirits, which will interest consumers who value an artisanal production model and genuine quality. And we are always looking for new variants. Today we have over 450 suppliers from 56 countries. We have been working with many of them for over a decade. This circle of partners is the chief pride, the true wealth of the company Simple.

5 Key Rules

1. Expertise

The creation of a team of people who know and love their product has always been a priority for us. The education and experience of the many experts who work at Simple are the basis of our competence in everything which we offer our clients.

2. Service 360°

Our traditions in work with our individual and corporate private clients stand for multifaceted wine service: corporate training for your employees? personalized wine labels? construction of a personal wine cellar? conducting a tasting of any scale? searching for rare vintages at wine auctions? futures transactions for valuable wines? — we have been doing all of these things for many years.

3. Quality

There are some things which we are not prepared to compromise on. We never sacrifice the quality of the product for the sake of sales volume. The logo of Simple on the back label guarantees the purchase of a product of whose quality we are absolutely certain.

4. Best in class

We offer wines in various price segments. Thanks to the influence of Simple in the world market, today we are able to choose only producers which are the best in their class, regardless of whether we are speaking about wines for 500 rubles or for 50,000 rubles.

5. Our brands

The collection of Simple is a projection of the contemporary wine world in all of its diversity. Our collection features the most popular wines and brands of all categories, sorts, styles, and regions, classical and topical.

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