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Our Philosophy

Our mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives by revitalising wine culture in Russia.

We specialise in a unique product — wine. Wine is always about celebration and emotions. People associate it with the joy of connection and the thrill of discovery. It comes together with delicious food, exciting travel, getting to know different peoples’ history and culture. However, working with wine requires training and experience.

Maxim Kashirin

Maxim Kashirin, Founder and CEO, Simple Group:

Simple was founded in 1994, at the time when the Russian wine market as we know it today was just beginning to take shape. To build a successful business in this field, we had to become innovators and borrow and apply experience boldly from other industries and countries. We were young romantic idealists, and with great enthusiasm we sought to create a world-class wine trading company in Russia. One of the main guiding principles that we chose from the get-go was to do business only with suppliers committed to the uncompromisingly high product quality, those that were highly rated, respected by experts all over the world and were making wines that could captivate and delight any consumer.

Our way to drive wine as our core product is to create a holistic context for it in order, on the one hand, to help the consumer discover the world of wine and, on the other hand, to help us grow the company and push the boundaries of wine culture in Russia. The more you get to know about wine, the more fun you have buying and drinking it. Therefore, when presenting our product, we are first and foremost keen to share everything that we ourselves have learned about it over the lifetime of our company. We strive to make wine affordable for anyone. In whatever niches where it is possible, we offer wine and beverages for diverse occasions and at various price points.

Anatoly Korneev

Anatoly Korneev, Co-Founder and Vice-President, Simple Group:

In the first years that we began as Simple, we focused on Italian wines that were virtually unknown in Russia at that time. We started with premium wines. It was not easy for a young Russian company to earn the trust of the cult wine makers, aristocratic wine families, and great vineyard owners. But we did it, and we keep working with many of our first suppliers to this day. In the 2000s, when the Simple brand had already become a hallmark of quality and excellent service for wine lovers, we began expanding our sourcing regions. Our current portfolio includes wines of every major category and appellation, from nearly every wine-producing region in the world. At the same time, we always strive to introduce new things to consumers and create wine trends ourselves. We have expanded our wine collection with a remarkable selection of spirits that appeal consumers who value artisanal production and authenticity.

And we are always on the lookout for new additions. We have over 450 suppliers in 45 countries today, and we have been doing business with many of them for over a decade. This circle of partners is the main source of pride, the true wealth of Simple as a company.

Five Simple Principles

1. Expertise

Building a team of people who are passionate and knowledgeable about our products has always been a top priority for us. The education and experience of the many professionals who work for Simple are the foundation of our excellence.

2. 360° Service

We offer a full range of wine-related services to our customers, both consumers and corporate. Whether it’s corporate training, personalised labels, private wine cellar installation, wine tasting events, rare vintages, or access to ‘en primeur’ campaigns, we have years of experience in delivering them all.

3. Quality

This is our non-negotiable value. We will never trade off product quality for more sales. Simple’s logo on the back label means we are proud of the quality of this product.

4. Best in class

We have wines for every budget. Thanks to Simple’s strong global market position, we can select the best producers at every price level, whether you want a wine for 500 rubles or 500,000 rubles per bottle.

5. Our range

Simple’s collection reflects the modern wine world in all its variety. We carry the most sought-after brands across all categories, types, regions and styles, both classic and trendy.

Corporate Values

Achieve more

Push the industry forward to raise the bar for all players and to set new ambitious goals.


Pursue bold ideas with passion, expertise and excellence.

Take responsibility for the quality

Deliver high standards of work by following your own professional recommendations and using our own products.

Care about the customer

Collect and analyse feedback, apply the lessons learned to improve our products and services.

Be engaged

Collaborate and support each other to achieve common goals as a team.

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