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Wines from Simple are on wine lists of more than 7000 restaurants, cafes, bars, gourmet food courts, entertainment centres, clubs and trendy hang-outs. Our distribution network covers more than 100 largest cities and many smaller communities across Russia.

Simple’s varied and flexible product range includes more than 5000 items, so we can create a perfect wine list for a gastronomic project with any concept and pricing strategy.

In addition to wine, we also supply restaurants with spirits, water and non-alcoholic beverages, professional glassware for wine and water, decanters, Coravin systems, and other wine accessories. Simple is a supplier of alcohol to 90% of A and B category restaurants in Russia. These restaurants’ wine lists are crafted by the country’s best sommeliers so we take pride in the fact that they choose our wines.

For those restaurants, cafés, and bars that do not have a staff sommelier, we are there to help with building a wine list, getting the personnel trained by Simple’s experts, and with access to information using Simple’s communication channels.

Our sales policy prioritizes the interests and needs of our customers, and is therefore tailored specifically for every customer site. We ensure regular stock control, stable deliveries, and comfortable logistics.

Simple’s customers include restaurants from the Ginza Project, Maison Dellos, Novikov Group, Probka Family, Twins Group, RestArt, White Rabbit Family and Rappoport Restaurants groups, Rosinter and Shokoladnitsa chains and many others.

We are a supplier to the world’s leading hotel chains and to hundreds of hotels, hotel complexes, and resorts of all categories throughout Russia.

Flexible prices, personalised approach, best-in-class expertise, package offers including wine, spirits, water, glasses and accessories — these are the things that make it easy to do business with us, whether you are a large corporation, a mid-size or even small business.

Our longstanding experience of smooth collaboration with international hotel chains and 5-star hotels has taught us everything there is to know about hotel F&B service. We are happy to share this expertise by offering consultancy of any complexity, all the way to taking the beverage component of the customer’s business under our full management.

The wine and champagne brands that Simple brings to the Russian market are well-known to international visitors. No matter how far from Moscow the road takes tourists and business travellers, they can easily find wines they are familiar with in our partner hotels’ wine lists.

27 December 2022
Two SimpleWine Stores are now open in Tyumen
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