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In addition to our own distribution, we continue to expand our partnerships with regional alcohol distributors. Simple has more than 75 distributors across Russia today, from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific. Working with key regional wholesalers extends our reach into the local markets while maintaining excellent customer service and high local stock levels.

Simple’s extensive brand portfolio and flexible pricing policies enable any of our current or would-be distributors to build or enrich their product range to meet the interests and needs of their customers.

We provide effective marketing support for our brands to boost and maintain their recognition throughout Russia.

Our partners and their customers are welcome to take part in training and tasting sessions delivered by Simple’s own experts and winery representatives. They can also tap into our huge knowledge base that has all necessary information about our wines, with a special focus on making it available in the Russian language.

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21 November 2022
Volta di Bertinga 2019 is one of the best wines in the world by James Suckling
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