Simple Congress 2019

Simple Congress 2019

8 October 2019
On October 8, the Ritz-Carlton hosted one of the most important large-scale events for professionals in the wine market.

On October 8, the Ritz-Carlton hosted one of the most important large-scale events for professionals in the wine market. About 600 wine professionals from around the country gathered at Simple Congress 2019 to hear the presentations of eminent international experts. For its annual conference, this year Simple invited Dominic Symington (Portugal), Jamie Goode (Great Britain), Allen Meadows (USA), Richard Paterson (Scotland), David Allen (New Zealand), and Maureen Downey (USA). The finale of the twelve-hour marathon of stars of the world wine industry was an equally compelling presentation by the vice-president of Simple, Anatoly Korneev.

The traditional place for informal discussion of the themes of the conference was the wine salon. It was divided into two zones: the main hall with premium wines of Italy and a smaller hall with wines of Russia, France, Portugal, Spain, and Argentina.

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