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Our company has always supported Russian sommeliers in their professional development. Simple has been the general sponsor of the Russian Association of Sommeliers since 2000. We have nurtured several generations of sommeliers, and are ready to help every aspiring professional.

Whichever community in Russia you are located in, and whatever level of guests your restaurant serves, we offer consultation in forming your wine and bar lists, training of your staff, and selection of glasses and water.

We also offer help to restaurants, cafes, and bars which do not have a sommelier on staff: in choosing an assortment of wine, training of staff with the participation of experts from Simple, and information support through the communication channels of Simple.

Our distribution network covers more than 100 of the largest cities and many smaller communities throughout all of the regions of Russia. Wines of Simple are already represented in 7000 restaurants, cafes, and bars throughout the country, and we are constantly developing our presence in the regions of the country.

The universal and flexible assortment of Simple, consisting of more than 5000 positions, enables the creation of an excellent wine list for a restaurant with any concept and price strategy.

Our commercial policies prioritize the interests and needs of our clients, and are developed individually for every client. We insure the regularity of inventory, stability of deliveries, and maximum convenience of logistics.

In addition to wine, we also supply restaurants with spirits, water and nonalcoholic beverages, professional glassware for wine and water, decanters, Coravin systems, and other wine accessories.

Simple is a supplier of alcohol to 90% of restaurants of the “A” and “B” categories. The wine lists of these restaurants are created by the best Russian sommeliers, and take pride in the fact that they choose our wines.

We work not only with the world’s leading hotel banners, but also with hundreds of hotels, hotel complexes, and resorts of all categories throughout the country. Wherever you are located, Simple experts could help you to create a wine list which will please your guests.

The convenience of communication with Simple for any small, medium, or large business is ensured by the maximal geographical coverage of our proprietary distribution network, flexible pricing policies, individualized approach, the best expertise in the market and package offers (wine, spirits, water, glasses, wine accessories).

Thanks to our well-tuned longstanding work with international chains and 5-star hotels, we know everything about hotel F&B service and offer consultation of any complexity, all the way to full management of the establishment in the area of «beverages.»

The wine brands and champagne houses which Simple represents in the Russian market are well-known to the guests of our country. No matter how far from Moscow tourists and business travelers have gone, they can easily find wines which they are accustomed to choose in wine lists of our partner hotels.

27 November 2019
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