Charity Dinner “White Truffle”

The «White Truffle» charity dinner has raised more than 85 million rubles for medical treatment for children


The «White Truffle» Charity Dinner Helped to Collect a Record Amount of Money for the Treatment of Wards of The Life Line Charity Foundation

On November 24, 2021, the 14th annual «White Truffle» charity event was held, during the event 23,000,000 rubles was collected. All funds were transferred to The Life Line Charity Foundation for saving seriously ill children, which has been a key partner of the event since 2009. The host of the dinner was traditionally its founder and ideologist Maxim Kashirin, who is also the founder and president of the Simple group of companies.

For the sixth time the «White Truffle» was held in the Semifreddo, one of the best Italian restaurants in Moscow. The chef of the restaurant Nino Graziano who is an owner of two Michelin stars, annually creates a special menu with white truffle from Piedmont, which is considered the most expensive delicacy in the world. The perfect addition to the gastronomic set were the exquisite wines from the best wineries of Piedmont and Lombardy: Ca’ del Bosco, Vietti, Pio Cesare, Braida, Travaglini, Elio Grasso, Le Piane, Giuseppe Mascarello, Marolo, La Scolca.

10 lots from world-famous manufacturers were auctioned off for the guests of the dinner; Angostura, Frapin, Nonino, Graham’s, Hine, Darroze, Giuseppe Mascarello, Elio Grasso, and Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt. All unique lots were provided by manufacturers exclusively for the «White Truffle».

This year SimpleWine wine stores also support Simple Group’s charity initiative: 10 rubles from each purchase are transferred to the «Lifeline Fund». Working together, we managed to collect 2,000,000 rubles. As a result, 25,000,000 rubles were collected and will be spent on treatment of more than 25 children.

The «White Truffle» charity dinner has raised more than 11 million rubles for medical treatment for children

The traditional «White Truffle» charity dinner took place on November 27, 2019, hosted as always by its initiator and ideologue, Maxim Kashirin, president of the company Simple. The key partner of the event was the «Lifeline Fund» for saving seriously ill children, which has supported the initiative of Maxim Kashirin since 2009. «White Truffle» took place in the cozy atmosphere of one of the best Italian restaurants of Moscow, Semifreddo. Its chef Nino Graziano, holder of two Michelin stars, prepared a special menu with truffles from Piemonte, and the Italian houses Terlan and Frescobaldi were official partners of the event, supplying their fine wines for the guests of the dinner.

During the dinner, prizes were awarded of 9 lots from such famous producers as Angostura, Hine, Frapin, Quintarelli Giuseppe, Montevertine, Ornellaia, Darroze, Terlan, and Frescobaldi, which represent excellent additions to the collections of true connoisseurs.

The 13th «White Truffle» dinner raised more than 11 million rubles in total for charitable purposes, which will be forwarded to the «Lifeline Fund» for saving seriously ill children, enabling it to help 12 children.

The 12th annual «White Truffle» Annual Charity Dinner was Held at the Semifreddo Restaurant and collecting 6,378,804 rubles for the Treatment of Children

For the 10th time the charitable partner of the dinner was The Life Line Charity Foundation for saving seriously ill children. A special menu with the white truffle from Piedmont was created by chef Nino Graziano. Simple experts complemented the exquisite dishes with award-winning wines from the new supplier from Veneto, the Bertani winery, as well as wines from the vintage vertical provided by the Riecine and Boca wineries.

The 11th annual «White Truffle» Charity Dinner by Maxim Kashirin took place at the Selfie Restaurant

At this event a total of 7,785,000 rubles was collected by the caring participants, all of which will be fully spent on the medical treatment for children.

By tradition, The Life Line Charity Foundation together with Simple is a partner of the event. Together they monitor the expenditure of collected funds and annually inform about the transactions.

For the first time the general partner of the dinner was the Barkli investment and construction corporation. Chefs Anatoly Kazakov and Vladimir Mukhin prepared special menu with white truffle from Piedmont. The award-winning wines of Tuscany from the Castello di Ama winery, including the iconic L’Apparita vertical, harmoniously complemented their masterpiece dishes.

The 10th annual White Truffle dinner took place at the La Bella Società restaurant and helped to collect 9,425,000 rubles a record amount, which will be spent on the treatment of children

All of this became possible thanks to caring partners and friends of the company who made a great contribution to the overall success.

For the first time the charity dinner was held in an expanded format and gathered about 150 guests in La Bella Società, one of the best restaurants of author’s cuisine in Moscow. Brand-chef and owner of the restaurant Oleg Krymasov prepared a menu with white truffles, which were traditionally brought from Piedmont by Maxim Kashirin.

Guests of the anniversary dinner could also enjoy the best vintage wines from the legendary Piedmont wineries Vietti and Ceretto. The owners of the wineries Luca Currado and Federico Ceretto participated in the charity event.

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