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SimpleWine Fest

SimpleWine Fest took place in Saint Petersburg 3000 guests, sold-out several before it began, 13980 glasses of wine and 2600 cocktails consumed, 9000 complimentary hors d’oeuvres, 20 thematic zones, one sunny day and 25 degrees of warmth — this is the simple arithmetic of the «most winey» festival, SimpleWine Fest, which took place June 15 at the Sevcable Port.

The idea for the festival belongs to the founders of the SimpleWine boutiques. SimpleWine Fest first took place in Moscow in November 2017. It was so successful that the organizers decided to expand the geography of the festival and hold a second event in the northern capital.

Guests of the festival participated in an enogastronomic program of thematic master classes and lectures. The cultural/educational facet was provided by: director Mikhail Antykov, master of improvisation Igor «Elvis» Meerson, chefs Anton Abrezov and Svetlana Sursikova, and also sommelier Anna Moskvitina. Every guest of the festival could learn wine arts (and not only) from the very best in their fields: vice-president and member of the board of directors of the company Simple Anatoly Korneev, teacher of the Enotria wine school Alexander Rassadkin, sommelier Victoria Mustyatsa and chef Anton Isakova, brand ambassadors of Simple Ilya Bubashvili and Dmitry Chaplygin.

Excellent weather, the view of the Bay of Finland from the longest bar in the city, mini-golf, tabletop football, dance lessons in the open air — all of this made it possible to appreciate fully the atmosphere of the festival.

On the main stage, Anton Zabelin talked with the guests and gave out valuable gifts from the partners of the festival. The «Public Talk» area featured actor Andrei Noskov, television presenter Lyudmila Shiryaeva, singer Vlada Chupova, and founder of the school of stand-up and Comedy Club participant Igor «Elvis» Meerson.

All evening DJs Ilya Lavrov and Oleg Sapronov made the guests happy with their selections of contemporary hits, and in the thick of the party the group «MagiCool» won the applause of everyone near the main stage.

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