Wine Reflections Movie Released

Wine Reflections Movie Released

5 July 2021
Can wine instantly change a person’s life? This is quite possible, as the first Russian feature movie about wine called Wine Reflections shows.
The idea was proposed by co-founder and vice president of the Simple Group Anatoly Korneev, and the movie was directed by a sommelier with 15 years of experience Vitaly Muzychenko.

Before the release, Simple organized a large-scale tour in Russia in support of the movie. The guests were invited to take part in private screenings in 5D format, implying tasting of wine from the regions mentioned in the story (France, Georgia, England and Italy).

The movie has already been shown to almost 6,000 moviegoers in 80 cities of Russia and 2 cities of Belarus. Now, the film is available online at such platforms as Okko, Megafon TV, and others.

For more details please visit the website at:

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