Three Glasses From Gambero Rosso!

Three Glasses From Gambero Rosso!

26 October 2020
Our portfolio includes the best Italian red wine and the best Merlot!
On October 16, Italy’s most trustworthy wine guide, Gambero Rosso, presented its annual ranking of the best wines from the Apennine Peninsula. The list of winners includes more than thirty wines from the Simple Group’s portfolio, two of which were named the best red wine and the best Italian Merlot in 2021.

Of the nearly 25,000 wines included in the Gambero Rosso list, only 467 received the highest rating (three red glasses). Thirty-four of them are represented on the Russian market by Simple, which has thus become the record holder among Russian companies in terms of the number of positions with three glasses in its portfolio.

The best red wine of 2021 is Barolo Ornato 2016 from Pio Cesare, the best Merlot is Volta di Bertinga from the same company, and among the best Tuscan wines are Chianti Classico 2018 from Agricola San Felice and two wines from Frescobaldi: Nipozzano Chianti Rufina Riserva 2017 and Brunello di Montalcino Riserva Ripe al Convento di Castelgiocondo 2014.

Ornellaia 2017, Sassicaia 2017, La Gioia 2016 and others also received their well-deserved three glasses.

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