The records of Simple Expo: how the main wine event of the year happened

The records of Simple Expo: how the main wine event of the year happened

21 June 2019

Almost 5000 guests, 70 master classes, 10,000 bottles of wines and spirits opened from 120 producers around the world — these are the memorable figures of Simple Expo, the exhibition held on an unprecedented scale in honor of the 25th anniversary of Simple.

Simple Expo, the main wine event of the year, took place in Moscow on May 31 and June 1. The largest event in the Russian wine world gathered both professionals in the sphere and a wide range of wine lovers. All of the residents and guests of the capital were able to spend the two best wine days of the year in the company of the most important suppliers of Simple and their iconic labels, in master classes for beginners and professionals, and at the busy evening program with educational but entertaining speakers in the lounge zone. Every guest could create their own individual route thanks to additional zones with spirits, rare wines, and champagne.

Speakers and participants in discussions included writer Alexander Tsypkin and director Rezo Gigineishvili, restaurateur Alexei Vasilchuk and experts from the «Synchronicity» hall. Master classes were conducted personally by the heads of the participating producers: Robert Joseph, Conte Alberto Tasca, Nik Weis, Elisabetta Nonino, Didier Gimonnet, and dozens of other stars. Their company was joined from the side of Simple by vice-president Anatoly Korneev and leading expert Sandro Khatiashvili, each of whom led more than ten master classes.

«We were able to organize everything at a very high level, keep up a furious pace, open a record number of great wines, and brilliantly conduct all of the planned events. People were eagerly involved, asking interesting and knowledgeable questions, and the producers were thrilled by the residents of Moscow.»

The guests from the wineries and distilleries were pleased with their visit to Moscow. Marquis Lamberto Frescobaldi said that «Simple Expo truly impresses.» Chiara Soldati shared that she was «very proud to be part of the team.» Francesca Nonino was inspired by the guests of Simple Expo, who she called «very savvy and wanting to know even more.» Daniel Jones noted the format, which created the opportunity to «get to know wine from various regions, and also appreciate the beauty of spirits.».

The exhibition catalog can help with remembering the discoveries of Simple Expo, while repeating the most memorable can be done with the SimpleWine internet store and wine boutiques

The Grand Cru restaurant is the Colorist Awards 2023 participant
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