The First SimpleWine Store in Sochi

The First SimpleWine Store in Sochi

22 April 2022

Simple Group continues to develop its own retail network and announces the opening of the first wine store in Sochi.

It is the fourth city on the SimpleWine map, and this location was not chosen by chance. The popular Russian tourist destination on the coast of Black Sea attracts a lot of visitors and many of them are the company’s regular customers.

The new wine store is located on a popular pedestrian street in the center of Krasnaya Polyana tourist resort. SimpleWine strategy is to build a community around wineries, and a special tasting room inside the store will be a delightful addition to the wide assortment of our products in Sochi. There you can celebrate an important event or have a friendly wine-tasting in privacy.

«We continue to invest in the development of our own retail network, even in new economic reality. Wine store in Sochi is the fourth SimpleWine store opening since the beginning of 2022. Our customers appreciate the wide range of beverages and quality services, and it is important for us to support them by continuing to perform our work on a high level. Consumers in different Russian cities should be able to get acquainted with wine culture: both commercial and rare wines, local and imported products, which are widely represented in the SimpleWine stores assortment,« — said Maxim Kashirin, founder and president of Simple Group.

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