SimpleWine at the GQ party “100 Most Stylish”

SimpleWine at the GQ party “100 Most Stylish”

12 February 2020

February 12 GQ magazine held its annual ceremony honoring those it judged to be the most stylish gentlemen.

At the SimpleWine bar, guests toasted the most stylish with a glass of the wine produced by the outstanding hockey player Igor Larionov or the cognac of the legendary house Hine.

Guests of the evening included Maxim Kashirin, Mikhail Zygar, Anna Sedokova, Valentin Yudashkin, Feduk, and many other famous people. Among those honored were Nikita Kovtunov, Igor Vitoshinsky, Pokras Lampas and Igor Larionov, and the musical mood of the party was created by the singer Zovert and DJ Kozak.

The company Simple prepared two surprises for the guests: the Hine bar and the bar with the wines of Igor Larionov. At the first one could appreciate Hine Rare VSOP Cognac and cocktails, based on H by Hine VSOP, created by the head barman of the bar “Hydra,” Alexander Litvinov. At the second, guests could sample the new selection of Simple of the wines of the world hockey star.

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