Simple Expo 2019: Celebrating memories and awards

Simple Expo 2019: Celebrating memories and awards

2 June 2020
Simple Expo took place from May 31 to June 01, 2019, and it was beyond comparison event for the Russian alcohol market.

Simple Expo took place from May 31 to June 01, 2019, and it was beyond comparison event for the Russian alcohol market. This event left a very high standard for the industry for several more years. It was the first Grand Tasting exhibition in Russia that worked simultaneously for both market participants and non-professional wine and spirits connoisseurs.

The figures and facts are being, perhaps, the most well-grounded evidence of Simple Expo success. Over 130 publications in the media — the total page views exceeded 500,000,000. 5,000 guests, including 120 journalists and bloggers have visited the Expo for over 2 days. 1,500 people participated in 70 unique masterclasses, including, for example, the vertical tasting of Cristal and «vertical» Haut-Brion until 1958, or master class by Vega Sicilia, the owners specifically provided samples from their collections that have no longer been available for sale.

Certainly, the jury of the largest Russian and international awards in the event industry truly appreciated our exhibition organization. Dark market events in our country win just a few awards, as it is hard to beat the competition due to strict communication boundaries. Still, it only makes Simple Expo awards more valuable, and we are grateful to the experts who appreciated all the team efforts in organizing these events.

Simple Expo received awards in 4 of the 5 possible nominations of Eventex Awards — the most authoritative international award in the event marketing field, which is also called in this sphere as «Oscar». We gained 2 «gold» in the Brand Experience nominations — Alcoholic Beverages and B2C Event, as well as 2 «bronze» in the B2B Event and Partner Engagement Event. In a bid for the awards, we beat the real international marketing heads: BMW, IBM, Twitter, Hotel Group Americas and Shell.

Simple Expo took the 1st place in one of the most relevant Russian awards in the event marketing field BEMA! (Best Experience Marketing Awards) in the nomination of «Best business event», beat «Sberbank» project Artificial Intelligence Journey and international veterinary conference Purina Partners. We were also awarded the 3rd place in the category «Best Dark Market event».

● «Silver Mercury» — one of the most prestigious awards in marketing and communications field in Russia awarded Simple Expo with the bronze in the category «Best Execution Events of B2C».

We would like to recall together with all of you the brightest moments of Simple Expo once again — we are happy and proud to share an updated video report.

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