New Brand-Chef of Grand Cru Restaurant

New Brand-Chef of Grand Cru Restaurant

27 May 2021
The Grand Cru restaurant (a part of Simple Group), the iconic wine restaurant and wine bar at the Patriarch Ponds, Moscow, is on the verge of great changes. The restaurant will update both the menu and the author’s style. Its new brand chef, David Hemmerlé (France), has already arrived in Moscow.

David Hemmerlé is known for his work in Michelin-rated restaurants in Europe and Asia and is well known to Moscow connoisseurs of haute cuisine. He has over 30 years of experience, including the Cristal Room Baccarat (Mercury Group) author’s French cuisine restaurant and the restaurants of the Four Seasons Hotel Moscow. A deep understanding of the tastes of metropolitan gourmets, combined with a rich experience in Michelin-rated restaurants, made David an excellent candidate to continue the Grand Cru tradition.

David has also worked in France, Brazil, and the UAE, including managing three restaurants at the Hotel One&Only The Palm in Dubai and the Parisian Pavillon Ledoyen (three Michelin stars) at the invitation of award-winning master Yannick Alléno. David’s mentors also included renowned chefs such as Michel Del Burgo and Laurent Pourcel.

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