Grand Cru restaurant has won a Michelin star

Grand Cru restaurant has won a Michelin star

15 October 2021

The Grand Cru restaurant, part of the Simple Group, received a Michelin star. The award ceremony took place on October 14 in Moscow.

The first edition of the world famous gastronomic guide to the capital of Russia has been presented at the Zaryadye Concert Hall. Russia has become the 33rd country to publish a Michelin guide, and Moscow is the first city in the CIS with cafes and restaurants marked with stars and special signs. This is a long-awaited event for the gastronomic and tourism industries.

Michelin rated places can receive from one to three stars. One testifies to high-quality dishes worthy of a visit to a restaurant. Two are given to those whose cuisine is so good that it is possible to change the planned travel itinerary for it. Three stars are the highest recognition; restaurants deserve them, for the sake of which it is worth visiting a particular city.

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