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Wine minded restaurant and wine boutique: the perfect synergy

Listed in the MICHELIN Guide 2022 Moscow with a star, the Grand Cru restaurant was established by Simple back in 2006 and, by Moscow’s standards, boasts a pretty long history. The restaurant is located in Patriarch’s Ponds, a fashionable area in central Moscow that hosts many good restaurants and bars, so it has come to be known as the patriarch of Patriarch’s Ponds.

The Grand Cru Head Chef, David Hemmerlé, calls himself a wine-minded chef, as his approach to menu design, both for the à la carte menu and wine tasting menu —is always around wine.

Grand Cru’s heart and soul is its outstanding wine collection, featuring 1,200 entries, of which at least 70 are served by the glass. The professionalism of the restaurant’s sommeliers and its unique vertical wine collection made Grand Cru a three-time winner of the prestigious Best of Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator.

Grand Cru: новая высокая кухня from Simple on Vimeo.

Grand Cru employs an expert team of 6 sommeliers and head sommelier Pavel Kravchenko, recipient of the Best Sommelier of Russia award. The restaurant’s managing director is Tatiana Mann-Pakhmutova, Academy Chair of 50 World’s Best Vineyards, Eastern Europe.

The restaurant is officially partnered with M2, an organic farm based in Ruza near Moscow. The quality of its meat, cheeses and produce has been verified by EcoGlobe, a European organic certification body.

Malaya Bronnaya str., 22 building 2, Moscow, Russia, 123104
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